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... But Before Start Testing, Check Out These 3 Proven Conversion Boosting Strategies Used By Some Of The Smartest and Most Successful Web Businesses Online...

Once you test major factors like your offer, your headlines and your calls to action, we guarantee you’re going to be looking for other ways to boost your conversions and profits even further (it gets addictive)...  

So here are three really effective ways of doing it:

Create A Sense Of Urgency With Visual Scarcity...

See, here’s the thing…  If you don’t give your prospects a really good reason to order RIGHT NOW, they won’t. They’ll click away from your sales page.  Oh sure, they might have great intentions to come back. They might bookmark your page. They might write themselves a note. They might even be really excited about it!

But the second they leave your page, two things happen:

1. The “buying frenzy” emotions you created start to dissipate. All the work you went into putting your prospect into the right emotional state to buy your product? Yeah – that starts fading the minute your prospect leave your sales page. And the longer they have been away, the less likely it is they are going to come back and buy.

2. Life gets in the way. So the prospect is already falling out of the buying mood, and now she has work, family and social obligations filling her mind. Yeah, she’s not in any big rush to go back to your page to buy your product.

Here’s the bottom line…  If the prospect leaves your page, you lose the sale!

So what you need to do is create that sense of urgency.  For example:

  • Limit the quantities of the offer, such as only offering 250 resell rights licenses to a product
  • Create a deadline for the offer, such as ticket sales end 20 minutes before a webinar begins.
  • Offer a limited discount or bonus, such as one that ends in three days.

You get the idea – just stoke that fear of missing out by extending a limited yet irresistible offer.

Simply put, creating this kind of fear is a powerful motivator to move people towards the order button. And if you really want to ratchet up these conversions, then install a visual representation of scarcity.  

In other words, insert a Countdown Timer.

Now you’ve not only told your prospect that an offer is scarce and ending soon, but they can actually see the hours, minutes and seconds rapidly ticking away. That really pushes the fear button – and gives your conversions another lift!

Of course don’t take our word for it. Instead, head on over to your Split Test Monkey dashboard and set up your own tests. Here’s what we suggest:

1. Test one: urgency vs no urgency.

For example: Test your regularly priced against a limited-discount offer.

2. Test two: countdown timer vs. no countdown timer.

This time both offers are the urgent/limited offer, but the variant you’re testing is the use of the countdown timer.

Create Visual Scarcity With Countdown Monkey:

  • Evergreen Countdowns:  Countdown Monkey makes running evergreen countdowns easy - Just choose how many days / hours / minutes and your countdown will start counting down for each new visitor that arrives on your page. Smart cookie code means the correct time left will be shown to returning visitors.
  • Time & Date Countdowns:  Date based promotions are a snap with Countdown Monkey. Set your expiration to an exact date/hour/minute. With every timezone covered it takes just a few clicks and your promotion is ready to go. Great for launches and special offers and guaranteed skyrocket your sales!
  • Flexible Expiry Options:  Choose from 3 expiry options... #1 Do nothing (the timer simply stops) #2 Hide (the timer is hidden from the page) and #3 Instant redirect (send visitors to any URL on autopilot) - You can also edit/change a live countdown in your dashboard and the changes will be instantly reflected on your page
  • Super Easy To Use:  You can simply login to your account and create countdown(s) inside your account without downloading or installing anything. Once your countdown is saved you are given a code to copy and paste into your pages. Your subscription includes all future updates/upgrades and because this is a hosted service you'll never have to do any kind of updates or re-installs yourself (our goal is to ensure you never even notice them)
Countdown Monkey Software

Works Everywhere! Countdown Monkey works everywhere! Use it on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any web browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.

Here's The Second Conversion Strategy...

Use 'Intensifiers' To Psychologically Boost Sales...

Here’s a quick question for you…

What’s sitting at top of your sales letter?

The answer is a headline, right? And this headline probably does something like presents the main benefits of your product. E.G., “Who Else Wants to Double Their Conversion Rate In Just Five Minutes?

That’s what you’ve been taught to do. That’s what virtually every copywriting expert suggests you do. And yes, it works.

But you know what?  There’s something else you can do right at the top of your sales letter that can give your sales letter and even bigger boost in terms of conversion rates.

What you can do is add an Intensifier.

Let me give you a quick and dirty overview of how it works…

When a typical prospect comes to your sales page, they see your benefit-driven headline first. In other words, without even addressing the problem, you’ve jumped right into offering the solution.

That works really well if your traffic is coming from a pre-selling blog post or email. But what happens if your traffic is a bit colder, such if they just came in through a banner ad?

In that case, what you want to do is install an Intensifier, which is a few statements about the signs and symptoms of the prospect’s problem.

You want them to self-identify with the problem. You want to agitate the problem. You want the prospect to think, “Hey, I have this problem! I need to solve this!

Let’s go back the example I gave earlier with a headline that says,

"Who Else Wants to Double Their Conversion Rate In Just Five Minutes?”  <<  That states a benefit.

But imagine if we started by describing the signs and symptoms of a LOW conversion rate.  For example:

• Are you getting a lot of traffic, but not very many sales?

• Are your profit margins low due to high ad costs?

• Are your marketing partners frustrated by your low-performing sales page?

See how it works?

You make the problem VERY clear to the prospect – that’s the Intensifier. And then once you’ve made the problem clear and only then, do you offer the solution (your product).

Boom! – Every student we've ever taught this to has used it to further increase their conversion rates...

Now one quick note…  We’ve found that the best way to install an Intensifier isn’t directly into your sales letter, but rather through a light box popup. (If you don’t know how to code, no worries – see below)

Of course you’ll want to test all of this for yourself to see how it affects your conversion rates. I think you’ll get the same results as we did: the Intensifier installed in a light box popup produces the biggest lift.

Create High Converting Intensifiers With PopUp Monkey:

  • Add More To Pop-Ups:  Inside your pop-ups you can use multiple image formats including: JPG, PNG, GIF.  You can also use SWF (Flash) based interactive content such as games, tools, forms even polls and surveys.  Plus+ Video (Including YouTube), making it great for sales videos, special promotions or product demonstrations.
  • Nothing To Install!  There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to begin making your popups. You can preview the results as you go along and can go back and edit live popups in your dashboard (without having to re-edit the code on your page).  Nothing to set up, no tricky installs, just login, create and you're ready - It's a huge time saver!
  • Timer Based Options:  Trigger pop-ups to open on page load, or using a set timer to open (& close) the PopUp as required.  And you can choose from 4 different entrance/animation effects to really grab your visitor's attention - Create Intensifier pop-ups for a quick conversion boost, highlight special offers, discount coupons, add demonstrations and more.
  • Overlay Pop-Ups On Other Websites:  PopUp Monkey is the affiliate marketer's friend... Redirect Traffic To Your Affiliate links - Pop up an affiliate banner or image on a specific page and link it (via your affiliate link) to the vendor's site.  You can even choose to display your pop-ups over a third party website via an overlay system.  
PopUp Monkey Software

Works Everywhere! PopUp Monkey works everywhere! Use it on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any web browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.

And Finally Here's The Third Profit Boosting Strategy You Should Start Using ASAP!..

Capture Exit Traffic For A Second Chance Of A Sale...

Right at this moment, even as you read this, there are prospects clicking the back button on your site or closing the browser tab. They didn’t purchase a product. They didn’t join the mailing list. They didn’t even follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

So what happens? These prospects probably won’t be back. You don’t have any way to contact them. You just lost a potentially great customer.  (And even with the best optimized pages in the World, that number can easily be as high as 90% of all your website traffic)  << That kinda stings we know, even more so if you're paying for traffic!

What is your average customer worth to you $200... $500 ... maybe even $5,000 over their lifetime?

Think of it – each time a potentially good customer walks out your virtual door, you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Now imagine if just 10% or even 20% of your exit traffic are people who might be one of those good customers.

Would you work harder to get them on your list? You bet you would. And that’s why it's essential as part of any optimized sales process that you capture the emails or recycle your exit traffic to another offer.

You see, just because someone is leaving your site doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t become a great customer at some point in the future.  They just haven’t seen anything that lights a fire under them... yet. So they hit the back button – but right at this point is your opportunity to put something in front of them that they’ll absolutely love.

Give them a valuable lead magnet that you know is in high demand...  Maybe access to a video.  A report that shows them how to do something that in turn leads back to the sale. Access to a webinar recording. Access to a membership site.  A software tool (maybe a lite version of your product). Even a simple resource list (with your affiliate links inside it) can boost your overall profits, even if the visitor never buys from you directly!

Let me share with you a couple keys to making this work:

Key #1: Figure out what your ideal prospect is already buying on sites like Clickbank, JVZoo or Amazon... And then offer your exiting visitors something similar for free. If your market is already coughing up $25, $50 or more for a product, you can bet they’ll give up their email address to get something similar for free.

Key #2: Show a professional image. In other words, don’t slap something together. Go pro all the way. Get professional graphics and ecovers to represent your lead magnet Get a professional landing page designed by hiring a designer or using our best selling page builder LandingPage Monkey. You'll really only get one last chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

Key #3: Use Catcha Monkey. If you don’t know how to fiddle with code to capture exit traffic, no problem. Just use Catcha Monkey makes it easy to set up exit popups with just a few clicks of your mouse. You don’t need to know a lick of code, yet within minutes you too can be capturing / recycling all your exit traffic.

Use Catcha Monkey To Mop Up All The Surplus Traffic

  • Boost Your Profits:  Get more opt-ins to your newsletter, promote anything and squeeze the maximum value from all your website traffic. 

    And if you regularly send traffic to affiliate offers and 3rd party sites you'll love the ability to override that site's exit popups and use your own instead (uses perfectly legal iframe technology).
  • At A Glance Statistics:  See at a glance how many times your catcha has been triggered... Directly from your dashboard you can monitor statistics - You can also activate and de-activate your popups, activate the global override and more without having to modify the original webpage again.
  • Add Notification Bars:  In addition to your exit pop up message you can also set Catcha Monkey to trigger a notification bar when the visitor leaves the webpage.  Choose the height, color, font type and more to match your website add hyperlinks and more it's great for driving traffic to other pages.
  • Global Override Feature:  Incredible time saver - Switch on the global override option and instantly redirect traffic across your entire network of websites to any link with just one click (no need to touch the code on your individual sites.  And because Catcha Monkey is a web based service you simply login and use it. Nothing to set up, no tricky installs, just login, create and you're ready to go.
Catcha Monkey Software

Works Everywhere! Catcha Monkey works everywhere! Use it on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any web browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.

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