Most Website Owners Never Split Test And ALL Of Them LOSE MONEY As A Result!  Watch The Video Below To Find Out Why: 

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Here's Just A Few Different Test Ideas That ANY Online Business Owner Can Do Today!

Email List Builders

Email List Builders: Boost your subscriber rates and grow your list faster by testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons.

Product Vendors

Product Vendors: Convert more sales and build bigger profits all hands free by testing sales and upsell pages, headlines, bullet points, pricing and calls to action.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers: Get more clicks and bigger commission checks on any offer you promote - Test your affiliate promo pages, bonus offers and product reviews etc.

Social Media Marketers

Social Media Marketers: Grow your following and boost your social traffic the easy way by testing share button placement/styles, tweaking calls to action and more.

Media Buyers & Advertisers

Media Buyers & Advertisers: Reduce your advertising costs and increase your ROI fast by testing your ad copy and creatives, landing pages, trip wires and more.

Ecommerce Store Owners

Ecommerce/Store Owners: Build your brand and explode your bottom line profits by testing price points, shipping rates, product shots and checkout page styles.


Bloggers: Increase your site stickiness and audience engagement by testing post and page layouts, font sizes and styles, post images, banner ads, opt-in forms and much more.

Authors and Publishers

Authors / Publishers: Boost sales & revenues by split testing ads and media campaigns, cover designs, book titles, chapter/blurb copy, pricing and even formats available to readers.

Simon Hodgkinson DigitalWebRocket.com

If you're not testing and optimizing your most important pages for conversion then I'll make you this guarantee:  You're already LOSING money, your list is A LOT smaller than it could be - ultimately your business suffers.  With Split Test Monkey there are no more excuses - it's the easiest, quickest and smartest way to get better results!

If You Thought Split Testing Was Boring Or Too Complicated... THINK AGAIN!

Split Test Monkey was developed by a team of marketers that HATED split testing with a passion... 
For it to work in our business it really had to be so simple and easy to use that it felt practically invisible...

And as you'll see below, the results just blew us away...


We DOUBLED Our Landing Page Conversion Rate Adding An Extra 200+ Subscribers To Our List In Just A Single Week!


Let me ask you a question:  Would you like a bigger list and would you like it without having to invest in more traffic? 

Of course you would (who wouldn't?)... That's why you should start testing your landing pages today.  In this test we lifted conversion on a landing page from 21% to a list doubling 42.5% with basic layout changes and more emphasis on the headline and lead magnet's bullet point.

Landing Page Conversion Test

This alternative landing page made a HUGE difference - It DOUBLED subscription sign ups!

SEPTEMBER 2016 TEST:  2,000 VISITORS | 635 Opt-Ins | CONTROL @ 21% vs. TEST @  42.5%]


We Made An Extra $570 Sales Revenue In Just ONE DAY With The Simplest Of Sales Page Video Tests You Could Ever Imagine!


All the experts will tell you that "pages with video outsell those that don't" - BUT THEY DON'T SAY WHAT TYPE OF VIDEO!

We tested a dirt-simple demo video against a 'slick' and expensive sales video on one of our popular software sites during a product relaunch - The results shocked us, the simple demo lifted conversions from 4.8% (the original sales video) to 7.3% bringing an extra $570 (basically free money) in sales.

Sales Video Conversion Test

In this simple test switching out a sales video actually increased conversions by 52%

[SEPTEMBER 2016 TEST:  1,500 CLICKS | ​90 TOTAL SALES | CONTROL @ 4.8% vs. TEST @  7.3%]


311% Increase In Sidebar Banner Clicks On Our Blog, All Thanks To The Addition Of A Little Animated .Gif Showing Our Ugly Mugs!


Despite great content, tons of targeted traffic and well placed banners we'd never been happy with our click rates and we'd tried different styles of ads before with only average results.

This little graphic test was based on a idea we, err 'borrowed' after seeing it on a well known blogger's site - No one on the team thought it'd have any impact... but it did!  Over a 2 week test the 'mugshot' graphic increased clicks to the top banner by 311% - Why not try it yourself, it's really simple to do and worked like crazy for us!

Blog Sidebar Click-Through Test

Adding animated "Team Likes" image above banners we increased the click rate by 311%

[AUG 2016 TEST:  All Traffic/14 Days | 378 Clicks Tot. | 74 (0.78%) Vs. ​304 (3.22%) 18.9K Uniques

Whether you are new to marketing online, or you have been around for awhile, you should realize the value of split-testing...

Every smart marketer on the planet, who is serious about optimizing their website for best results and maximum profitability utilize the power of split-testing as a way to evaluate their own sales letters/video sales letters/opt-in pages and how their website visitors respond to them.  

There's no sense in spending days and days creating web pages that just don't capture your visitors attention or drive them to purchase.

Split testing, quite simply, is a way to evaluate your web pages so you can see whether your website traffic respond better to one version than another.  And having this inside knowledge helps you optimize your website so that it attracts more attention and of course, more sales.

But Split Testing Hasn't Always Been So Easy...  The split testing scripts and platforms that came before Split Test Monkey were expensive or hard to set up and configure (or both) and unless you were a programmer and had a lot of money to invest in these scripts, you were left out of the loop.

Until now...  With Split Test Monkey you can instantly begin optimizing your sales pages and test how your visitors actually respond to your graphics, your layout, pricing, virtually every aspect of your website.  Do they respond better to one variation of your ad copy more than another?

This incredibly powerful information will help you utilize your traffic in the most profitable way possible by showing you what you need to change and what you don't!  Split Test Monkey was designed for the newbie as well as for the seasoned pro.  And it doesn't matter if you have ever installed a script before or if you are a whiz at it, our software is web based, so there's nothing to install and creating a new test takes just a few seconds.

Stop holding your breath, hoping that your customers will understand your sales pitch, with Split Test Monkey, you can see exactly how good (or bad) it really is, and if it's ineffective, you will know about it instantly - and be able to make important changes that will work better for you.  

Remember split testing is not something that should be an optional add-on to your website.  It needs to be one of the most important things you do, after you have created your product and designed your website. And if you fail to utilize it's power you're essentially throwing money and traffic away.

There's an old Chinese proverb that says:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... The second best time is now.”

... and it's the same with split testing - Yes you should have started testing at the beginning... but if you didn't, well don't worry too much because you still have time to reap the rewards as long as you decide to get started today...

Boost Your Conversions Get INSTANT ACCESS!

Pro Access:  Regular Price $197/Annual -   Just $47/annual 

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There are no restrictions on how many tests you create, how many domains you run test on or how many visitors/clicks your tests receive.  

Here's What You'll Receive When You Create Your New Pro Account Today...

Unlimited Split Tests

No limit to the number of experiments you can create, or the number of domains you can run them on.

Unlimited Visitors

Unlike other services that want to 'nickel & dime' you, we'll never cap the number of visitors/clicks you get.

ZERO Monthly Fees 

We're offering a special 'Early Adopter' pass with a simple annual payment.

Set & Forget Testing

Run tests on full autopilot, we'll pick the winning test based on your criteria - For hassle free optimizations.

Built In Reporting

Use key data to understand customers and quickly make smarter decisions to boost your bottom line profits.

VIP Level Support

You'll get world-class, live chat support from our very friendly team, plus tutorials and training available 24/7.

What Types Of Test Can You Run With Your New Split Test Monkey Software?..

A/B Dynamic 'Snippet' Tests:

With A/B Dynamic Snippet Testing each element/variation is rotated dynamically and directly within your webpage or blog page/post.  In this type of test all visitors are viewing the same URL.

When a site visitor arrives at your page, just one of your test variations is shown to them.  And each visitor will see the same variation every time they return to your page to ensure consistency (we do this using cookies).

Dynamic testing works great for testing existing pages and on page elements such as headlines, guarantees, images & video, buy/subscribe buttons, banner ads, calls to action even entire blocks of text.

You can test two (and up to six) individual variations of each element in a test with each variant shown equally across all visits for faster results.​

A/B Dynamic Snippet Testing

Split URL/Web Page Tests:

Split URL / Webpage testing, is different from the A/B Dynamic testing, as the test variations here are complete web pages.  (eg. different URL's)

For each test you can add two (and up to six) individual web pages which will be measured against each other to determine the best converting.

Split URL testing works great for big changes ​such as page layouts and new designs, color schemes, offer changes (i.e. physical or digital version of your product or alternative lead magnets), pricing/payment plans etc.

We'll provide you with a special rotator link to direct traffic to and each visitor will be shown the same webpage each time they click to ensure consistency (we do this using cookies).

Split URL Testing

Watch The Quick Demo Video Below...

Which Kind Of Test Should You Use?

With Split Test Monkey you'll always have a choice...  The decision to use A/B Dynamic tests or Split URL tests will depend on your testing requirements.  In most cases (and especially for new sites) we'd recommend Split URL testing first to identify a great performing page / offer then to follow up with A/B Dynamic tests to fine-tune the page for maximum conversions.  But if you have an existing page and simply want to test the effectiveness of an order button change, a new headline, a product image or a different call to action then A/B Dynamic will work just great!

Built In Reporting & Awesome Features Make It Easy To Know You're WINNING!

Split Test Monkey - Split Test Statistics

With Split Test Monkey you'll know at a glance how your tests are performing with simple to understand statistics...  Every test you run includes built in reporting that shows your traffic, your conversions and percentages along with helpful campaign data so you can easily monitor your results wherever you are with an internet connection.

 Split Test Monkey also comes with 3 alternative testing options that work with both the Split URL & Dynamic Snippet tests - check them out below:

Auto Optimizer

This is our favorite because it's 'set and forget' simple to do.  Just pick your test 'rules' such as how long the test runs, the minimum number of total conversions required before a winner can be called.  Set a confidence level (normally 95%) and that's it...

... Split Test Monkey will then run the test on full autopilot and will automatically select the winner and from that point only show the winning element or page to all future visitors.

Auto Optimizing Split Tests

Conversion Race

Conversion Races are a lot of fun and while they are a little less 'solid science' they lead to quick results (and often frantic betting in the office) :-)

Just choose how many conversions the winning element/page should hit for it to be declared a winner - For example:  1st page to hit 100 sales.  You can also set a 'margin' number that ensures a winner isn't called too early if it's a close race.

Winners are then shown to all future visitors.

Conversion Race Split Test

Manual Mode

If you have an eye for detail and a desire to get stuck into the numbers directly, then choose the manual test mode.

You're now in charge and the decision when to call the test will be yours alone.  

There is no automatic selection by the system and you can run the test, edit it, even add more test elements into the mix and keep it running until you're confident on the result.  

What People Are Saying About Split Test Monkey...

Ben Murray VirtualPioneer.net


After reviewing I’m happy to say that this is a solid, high-value tool that’s going to actually make a big difference in your business… unlike ‘hype’ tools that have been launched and will stop being updated after a few months.  Make sure to take advantage of this generous discount & offer before the price rises.

31.9%, 66.3% & 70.1% MORE CONVERSIONS!

Those are the results from just 3 of the split tests I was able to run in a recent launch thanks to Split Test Monkey! There are some tools that are simply indispensable to my business, Split Testing is one of those things, but I’ve not found one that would do everything I want, and be easy to use, until now…

Matt Garrett MattGarrett.com
Sean Donahoe Sellosity.com


I used to spend $100's a month on over bloated split-testing tools and I have to say Split Test Monkey is one of the most powerful and easy to use tools out there for split testing not just URLs but elements on the page too. I love it and highly recommend it.


Split Test Monkey isn’t the first testing software I’ve used, but I think it might just be the easiest and fastest to get working. In less than two minutes I setup my first test which is already showing a 26% increase in conversions. It’s easy to use and it makes me more money. 

Richard Legg Richard-Legg.com
Richard Butler FastActionPlanner.com


Yeah, I’m serious...  I remember the days of split testing – you installed a PHP script, you had to put weird variables in your sales page.  Make a mistake and you were snookered.  Then of course trying to understand the stats meant getting men in white coats to look at it. The guys at Promote Labs have made split testing fun!  An easy to use web interface that allows you to copy on piece of code and then track your conversions. And don’t worry about declaring winners etc, Split Test Monkey can do all that for you! 


For our recent Keyword Supremacy launch, we decided to test out Split Test monkey.  We were totally blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool.  It didn’t take days and weeks to figure out and set up. It took about 5 minutes to figure it out, and another 10 minutes to set up our first tests. We ran Split Test Monkey throughout our launch and were easily able to triple our conversions, saved $1,000 compared to hiring someone to do it for us as we have before... And feel 100% confident to set up more split tests for future products.

Todd & Herc KeywordSupremacy.com

More amazing testimonials are coming in daily - see more here

Split Test Monkey - A Beta Phase Case Study!..

Stephen Luc TutorialMixer.com


During my beta tests with Split Test Monkey, I found it simplifies things to make it easier to setup and fast without all the complex features. I ran a list building campaign with cold YouTube Video SEO traffic for 16 days. I expected conversions at 4-10% or much lower because people didn’t know me. I tested two totally different pages and sent 1212 unique visitors to them.

In the image below, URL1 got 15.43% conversions while URL2 got 19.43% conversions with the help of the Auto Optimizer feature.

Had I “assumed” URL 1 worked out of the gate because it looked good, without even testing URL 2, I'd simply be gambling with my money.

So now I have a winning strategy to push my traffic towards URL 2.  

Ultimately these leads converted into 5 high ticket sales ($997 each) – which is $4,985 in revenue.

So as you can see, without split testing, you’re throwing all you’re time and money in hopes it’ll hit the bulls-eye. What these tests reveal is typically the one you think is going to convert, just doesn’t. That's why I highly recommend grabbing Split Test Monkey today.

I absolutely love it and know it’ll do great things for my business.


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Whether you're new to marketing online, or you have been around for a while, you already know that split testing is incredibly effective.

Inside this easy to follow guide, you'll discover exactly how seasoned pros utilize the power of split testing to increase conversions and improve every aspect of their websites.  

  • Discover exactly where to start testing, what to test and why.
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The 6 P's of Conversion

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Copywriting Crash Course

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Put This Monkey To Work For You Today:

Boost Your Conversions Get INSTANT ACCESS!

Pro Level Access:  Regular Price $197/Annual -   Only $47/annual 

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There are no restrictions on how many tests you create, how many domains you run test on or how many visitors/clicks your tests receive.  


You don’t have to say “yes” today. All you have to say is “maybe.” That’s because this extraordinary offer for an annual account at SplitTestMonkey.com comes with a ZERO RISK ​30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Use the software for one full month. If you don’t absolutely agree that this product does everything we said it would, just email us for a prompt and cheerful refund.  No hoops to jump through, no quibbles, no questions.

DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  We're so confident that when used properly and consistently with qualified traffic Split Test Monkey will give you the insights you need to improve conversion.  And to put our money where our mouth is, we'll not only refund your payment but we'll DOUBLE it if you don't see positive results after 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions, Tips & Ideas:

  • first tests?

Are There Any Long-Term Commitments Or Contracts?

No, you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime. There are no long-term contracts or commitments at all and right now you can secure access to an 'Early Adopter' account with zero monthly fees ever, you'll get ​an annual account without any limitations.

Can I Access My Account From Anywhere?

Yes, Split Test Monkey is web-based platform which means you can access your data, your administrator area and create new tests from any computer with a browser.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes we do.  SplitTestMonkey.com comes with a full 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's The Difference Between Split URL Testing And A/B Element Testing?

With Split Test Monkey you can split test up to 6 URLs (pages) against each other to determine which pages produces the best conversions, this is referred to as 'Split URL' testing.  You can also split test specific elements within a single page such as an order button or an image, you can test up to 6 elements, this is referred to as a 'Dynamic Snippet' test.

Okay We're Fast Running Out Of Page And It's Decision Time (Make The Right Choice)

There’s no better time than right now to boost your opt-ins, increase your clicks and maximize your sales, and you won’t find a better way to do it than Split Test Monkey.  We've finally made split testing easy, simple and affordable and with the incredible low annual fee, free updates and 100% satisfaction guarantee there's absolutely no risk on your part today...  So why not say "Why Not" and click that button below:

Boost Your Conversions Get INSTANT ACCESS!

Pro Level Access:  Regular Price $197/Annual -    Only $47/annual  (less than $0.13/per day!)

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There are no restrictions on how many tests you create, how many domains you run test on or how many visitors/clicks your tests receive.