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All our plugins come with thorough step-by-step video tutorials to help you get up and running quickly, and to get the most out of the plugins for your business!

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If you don't feel you have the skills or confidence to tackle this yourself, or perhaps you simply don't have the time, then this option may well be right for you -

For a One Time, Non-Refundable Fee we can install & setup both WP Profiler and Viper Cache on your site for you!

We will also :

  • Run Before & After speed tests on PingDom
  • Run Before & After speed tests on GTMetrix
  • Get Your Image Optimization Started

A member of our team will install, setup and tweak the WP Profiler & Viper Cache plugins, provide before and after test results, and provide a quick feedback/advice summary on the general health of your site and your plugins.

Be Up And Running With Zero Learning Curve!

I have to state that this is a VERY LIMITED OFFER, and spaces will go quickly - we simply don't have the staff to provide this extra level, personal touch for all our customers...

When it comes to WordPress our team know what they're doing, with a wealth of experience from providing plugins support to tens of thousdands of customers over the last decade, and we usually charge upwards of $250 per hour for client on site work...

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This is not a service we usually offer, and once the available time slots are taken the offer WILL BE Closed.

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Sorry, but we can't offer our usual satisfaction guarantee on this service as it involves real time spent by one of our expert team members, so please be sure you are happy for us to have access to your WordPress blog to get the installation and setup completed before ordering!

Note #1: The service covers installation and setup on ONE blog, if you have a multi site license and want us to repeat the service on several sites you can order multiple copies of the service on the checkout page.

Note #2: The service does not include the registration & setup of third party services, or the optimization of ALL your blog images. We will get the image optimization process started and setup the auto optimization feature.

Note #3: We will take screenshots of the before and after speed tests for your site with Pingdom.com and GTMetrix.com to share with you on completion so you can see the real results for yourself.

Note #4: We STRONGLY recommend that you take a full backup of your site before we start the process to make sure you have a fall back just in case there are any plugin conflicts or other unforseen complications.

The decision is yours - Our Plugins all come with thorough, step-by-step tutorial videos to show you how to install & setup each plugin, but if you want to go that extra step and have a member of our team do this for you, then this is your chance...

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