Why are my Split Test Conversions Not tracking?

Why are my Split Test Conversions Not tracking?

First let’s explain how Split Test Monkey works and then you can see if this is the reason conversions aren’t being registered.

As soon as someone visits your URL https://clik2it.com/r/xxxxxx (URL#1) a cookie is dropped on their browser.

When this person immediately completes the opt in form and clicks through to your “Thank You” page (URL#2)- the script that you placed just before the end body tag on the page at URL#2 (see Step by Step Tutorials – link below) reads the cookie and logs a conversion.

Note: Only unique visits that result in a conversion are counted.

The purpose of the cookie is twofold

        1. to ensure the same option is always shown to the each viewer
        2. for the script on the “Thank You” page to read and count as a conversion

So there are a couple of scenarios that will affect the count.

If someone visits URL#1 and is cookied but doesn’t click through to URL#2 – obviously there is no conversion. If the same person on the same browser returns to URL#1, they will see the same option as per #1 above – so another cookie is not dropped.

If on the second visit they then click through to URL#2 the conversion is counted.

However if they later return again and opt in – this is not counted because they have already been counted. If you want the same person to test multiple times, they need to clear cookies between every test.

If someone has cookies disabled – nothing will be counted because the script cannot find the cookie. Your testers must ensure they have cookies enabled.


Fred clicks URL#1 – cookie is dropped, unique HIT is recorded – Fred doesn’t click through.

2 days later Fred clicks again on URL#1 – No unique HIT is recorded as the cookie is present. This time Fred DOES click through – A conversion is recorded and a conversion cookie is dropped.

4 Days later he clicks on URL#1 and clicks through – Unique Hits and Conversions are not affected as both cookies have previously been dropped.