Split Test Monkey Under New Management


my name is Matt Garrett, and along with my business partner John Merrick, we run WPToolkit.com

and yes, we have taken over SplitTestMonkey.com from the team @ Promote Labs

Note: there’s some new links you should be aware of, I’ve listed them further down this post.

The Backstory:

John & I are both long term (15+ years) friends of Simon & Jeremy who run Promote Labs, as well as Simon Philips who build Split Test Monkey.

We’ve also both been long term users of the software, having been members from from the day it was released.

In fact I’ve used it to run split tests on at least half of the 100+ digital product launches I’ve run, so you could say I’m a big fan!

Which is why I invited Simon to come visit for a weekend before the holidays, so I could pitch my ideas for Split Test Monkey and make him an offer…

which I know he only accepted because he knows he’s left his baby in good hands!

The Plan:

yes, as users of the software itself we have some plans, but we’re not going to start making changes until we get feedback from you as well!

This is your chance to have a say in what gets added to our favorite monkey!

more about that in just a moment…

Your Existing Account:

Relax, we’re not going to mess things up for you!

Yes, we are going to be changing the fees going forward, but you are grandfathered in with what you already have…

AND a LOT of the new stuff we add you will also get.

but some may have to be in a higher level, advanced membership, simply because some of what we have planned will cost significant server resources and we need to keep the monkey fed and happy…

In other words –

1. We are in for the long haul to make Split Test Monkey as good as it can be, which means improvements across the board, but also additional charges for some new advanced features

2. Existing “founder” members (that’s you) will get as much of the new goodies as we can give you without losing money – new members will be picking up the bill for the new features, that’s your reward for getting in early!

How You Can Help, please…

before we start making changes we want to hear from you!

we think our ideas are good, but yours may be better, so we’d like to hear them…

please hit reply to the email you received this blog post URL in and let us know what you think, what you’d like to see added, or even just to say Hi! 🙂

A Bit of Bribery

We’re so keen on getting your feedback that we’re offering a 90% discount to one of our most popular WP plugins…

all you have to do is visit this page and leave some feedback for us – https://app.videopeel.com/1hldphq1

New Links You Should Know

We’re still in the process of changing & updating things, part of which has been to add the tutorials videos to the blog so you can find them here –

Split Test Monkey Tutorials

We’ve also added a page with the current Demo videos and will update this with new versions as we add them –

Split Test Monkey Demo Videos

Note – if you’d like copies of these video in mp4 format for promoting Split Test Monkey reach out and I’ll give you a download link.

Split Test Monkey FAQ

We’ve also added an FAQ page and will be expanding the articles on this as we get questions that prompt it


Need Support?

We have also taken over full support for Split Test Monkey so if you need help please use this page to reach out to us –


Note: we try to answer all support queries within 48 hours, usually quicker, but please bear in mind we are on UK time [GMT] so responses will be longer out of UK working hours, and we also don’t (usually) respond to support on weekends, sorry! 🙂